Start a Chapter

Chapter meetings are a great place to meet other people with LGBT family members and friends — and to give and receive support.

If you found a support group helpful in fostering your growth as a parent or friend of an LGBT person, and want to share that support, consider starting a Greater Boston PFLAG chapter in your area.

You will need to commit to providing a safe space for regular meetings and be willing to train to become a facilitator. Trainings will teach you the skills to run a meeting, be an attentive listener, and provide appropriate support.

We encourage you to find other people to share the responsibility of starting a chapter. Although it is possible to run a group by yourself, it is easier to have other people assist you. Eventually, someone else will lead the group, so it is important that you have a plan for a smooth transition to a new chapter leader.

You will be required to keep the PFLAG Macon office staff informed of your chapter activities. The office staff is available for support and veteran chapter leaders are available to mentor by providing their experience.

If you are ready to start a chapter, make an appointment with Edric Floyd, the Executive Director of PFLAG Macon to be briefed on all the responsibilities of starting a chapter. For more information, email Edric at

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