A Big Thank You from the Chapter President

Friends, I want to thank those of you who support Pflag Macon Georgia, which I am the chapter president and a longtime member. Many of you know the chapter has gone through changes as our members moved on and I felt it was necessary to keep the chapter in existence. With that we had issues securing a meeting location and dealt with the lack of interest in the community. We have a secured final meeting location thanks to Michael-Ángel León :) And we meet on the 3rd Monday of every month at the Rainbow Center in Macon. We will consider other (additional) days, times and locations if there is a confirmed interest. And if anyone ever needed to talk over coffee or a meal, that is always possible. Sometimes we need a one on one. Whatever helps. :)

I have to tell you that some suggested to me many times that it was time to close the chapter. They would ask me what am I trying to prove or what is my goal. Well i’m not going into those details anymore with the naysayers and the do-nothings. PFLAG members worldwide know the answers as to why we keep going no matter how small.

It’s hard to keep running with obstacles and apathy BUT PFLAG MACON IS STILL AND WILL ALWAYS BE HERE as long as I am here and able to keep it going and as long as we have and can build our team. And we are!

Every month when closing down was considered, a new person calls or messages us seeking information or a conversation for support. They may not always show up at a meeting but being there when someone calls is just too valuable to give up. So as PFLAG was there for me when I needed it 17 years ago, it will be there for that one, three or more people out there who may need us in the near future. Simply put, even if I am really an unqualified leader of a chapter,I am always learning and working to improve and I promise you that PFLAG IN Macon Georgia isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As we continue I ask that you consider “liking” our new Facebook page. Some of you have responded to personal invitations from either me or Harry Underwood, our webmaster. THANK YOU :)

Harry Underwood and I are the moderators of the Facebook page and I especially want to thank Harry for his hard work updating our website and new facebook page. Our intention is to transition from the traditional (original) “friend” page to the easier to manage newer format. So if you are a friend of pflag Macon Georgia, we ask that you move on to the newer page as the older profile page will become inactive at the end of the year.

Thank you again for your support of PFLAG in Macon Georgia.

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