PFLAG Macon needs you! The community needs PFLAG

Ok, I am posting this note hoping that from this point forward we are growing an army! This is a call out to friends both on and off Facebook, gay or straight,  married or single, religious or athiest, the local GSA’s and their friends! It is in response to a very disturbing and ignorant article in our local newspaper written by a homophobic woman Rinda Wilson citing very misinformed reasons against same-sex marriages and how harmful she feels that homosexuality is to children and society.

You can read her letter here.

And a few days later a rebuttal appeared. The rebuttal letter suggests that people like Rinda Wilson should seek out organizations for better information.

Well….. We in the Macon area have a small chapter organization that provides support and advocacy for the LGBT community and their family and friends. You know about PFLAG. I post often about PFLAG on my personal Facebook page and I moderate Facebook pages for the local chapter.  PFLAG is a very valuable support resource and can be an asset to any community the organization can serve.I am the current chapter president for the Macon chapter and honestly I cannot continue running it solo.Our attendance to meeting is painfully low and often non existant. Most of our members have moved on due to retirement and job opportunies in other states. Few have stepped up to replace the lost members or to help continue this chapter and frankly I am not as qualified as I need to be to run this certainly not alone.  It’s hard trying to schedule a meeting, a topic of discussion and securing a meeting location with reliable access. The meeting location has been settled but then its been difficult finding the right time to hold a meeting when everyone can attend. And then there are the many who say they will attend and DON’T.

If you say you will, then please do what you say. We need you. Your community needs you. A lost gay youth somewhere in our neighborhood needs US so they feel like they have every reason to life long and be happy as themselves. I know a lot of you are friendly and concerned and some of you have helped in the community and each of you are invaluable. Many of you  have helped PFLAG in the past. We really need you now!  Letters like Rinda Wilson’s are a strong reminder of the work WE need to do in OUR community.

So can we please join together and work to make our world stronger?  Can you please consider joining to save PFLAG in Macon and being there to serve and support?  We need some of your great minds and experiences, we need to reach out to those when they need support and education and when people seek us for support it would be great if we had a strong network of people and resources to SHOW and teach that it can get better and our lives are just as good if not sometimes better than what most expect.I can’t do this alone and frankly I hate to see PFLAG go away. We have a meeting location secured thanks to the Rainbow Center. Some of you have privately expressed you weren’t comfortable meeting there but you need to get over that. The support we can provide to the community is far more important than the location of where we meet espeically when the place that offered us the FREE unrestricted meeting location is one of our strongest local allies.  Besides, when PFLAG MACON grows into a strong supportive force in our community we can then determine where the best place to meet will be.

What’s more important is what we can do good in our community. AS A TEAM WORKING TOGETHER.

So please consider this carefully. We can start with the simple monthly PFLAG Meeting. Lets plan for great attendance for the  upcoming meeting and use it to plan a strong stragedy for community outreach and support. Lets get to know each other as a team of neighbors in OUR community working to make a difference. After a few months of getting to know each other and working together then lets restore PFLAG Macon Georgia with a committed volunteer board of directors that can continue to provide support and advocacy in the LGBT community in our own backyard so we will always have a strong defense against the likes of a Rinda Wilson.

If you want to get on the team and support PFLAG in Macon, then please find our Facebook page, “like” our Facebook page, follow us on twitter @pflagmaconGA and keep in touch. And when you see the announcement of our upcoming meeting time, set your DVR for whatver is on TV that night and come meet with us. Those two hours are the beginning of someone’s lifetime we can save. Even if its just one. I was once one who was saved because a fine group of people organized to create a local PFLAG chapter and I was lucky enough to find them and learn and live.

Lets get busy. We have a lot to do. :)

Edric Floyd
PFLAG Macon Georgia
478-345-1186 (leave message)

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